Tuesday, 29 January 2013

One more for our gang

 I know you are probably all  fed up with me by now , rambling on about crocheting , but I had to share the latest friend to join or gang in the craft room. This is Petal and she is a little flowerling .

She obviously didn't want to be left out , so she bought her little cup and saucer tray with her just in case we were having cake with our tea LOL

I have to say I am quite enjoying these few days of crocheting and these little loves are such fun to do , I just have to make sure that my Grand-daughter doesn't run off with them (she has tried already !!!!)

Happy makings Bev xx


  1. How do you stop the grandchildren running off with EVERYTHING?

  2. Thank You Annabelle , you say the loveliest things

    Bev xx