Sunday, 27 January 2013

Say hello to a new friend

I think I have been in some kind of time warp as I have only just discovered amigurumi crochet !!!! So now armed with this knowledge out came the crochet hook and we began. I gathered up some yarn that had been in my craft room almost forgotten about (its been that long since I had done any knitting etc)
Anyways I was completely surprised at how quickly and easily adaptable this style of crochet is , so a couple of hours later , after a bit of sewing together and a few finishing touches ............................Meet ROSALIE with the pink hair.

She stands approx 13" tall and is dressed in her tutu.

I'm sure she and I will have lots of fun together and we will become the best of buddies.
I'm off to make her a friend now 

Happy makings
Bev xx

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