Friday, 25 January 2013

Nifty & Thrifty paper beads

Hello blog chums , today I thought I'd try something different .
 I have been inspired after watching some tutorials on paper bead making ,something I'd never really thought about before . Well as ever I had to give it a whirl and get it out of my system , and guess what it's great . A cheap and cheerful addition to my crafty stash.
I cut the paper strips from an old desk pad (any paper, magazine etc can be used to do this), then used my quilling tool to roll the paper round really tightly starting at the wider edge and securing the last 1/3of the strip with  a glue stick and the bead is made.
At this point if you have used coloured paper you're done. If you are using them for jewellery they will need to been sealed , but I wanted to use them for other things, so I gave them a quick dip in mod podge and rubbed them over with some mineral eyeshadow & glitter  to colour them (paint and inks can also be used )
the finished beads coloured up

I used them to edge a cameo picture glued to a piece of card .

 Let me know what you think
Happy makings Bev xx

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  1. Oh ... just have some coloured magazines to hand as I was trying to make something with them - maybe give this a go too. Thanks for the idea.