Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Taking the plunge!!!

Hi Blog chums ,

well I 've gone and done it now and theres no going back !!! After a lot of persuading from family and friends I have finally made my first video and posted it to You Tube , showing off some more of my origami boxes , I hope you're not getting to bored with them yet.
We shall see what happens , obviously I'm a novice at this but you have give these things a go don't you , in for a penny and all that .So if anyone fancies having a look here's the link

Please dont laugh too much I was very nervous, at least you can't see my face LOL xx

Bye for now & happy makings

Bev xx


  1. Nice boxes (nice bracelet too)! Think you should get someone to show you how to link as many people will have difficulty with the longer method (link button on post site). x

  2. Good for you...I am off to take a peek right now. Thank you for visiting me the other day and your sweet words you left me about my book! Love your blog. xo