Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Its almost here

Hi Blog chums ,

I have been very busy of late , trying to organise all things in readiness for a secret party I have been planning.
I'm almost done , which isn't bad considering I have been planning this since February .
          "What's the occassion " I hear you ask ??
Well it gives me the greatest pleasure to let you all know that my parents will be celebrating their 50 th wedding anniversay in Sept .
Of course the party will be a complete surprise to them as they don't actually know its happening .
So with the creative head in a blur I have almost completed the mammoth task of making , baking & organising.  The theme is an afternoon vintage tea party but with food , music and dress code of the 60's, a bit of a mish-mash I know but go with the flow peeps.
 Just a couple more decorations to do, and to add to the spirit of the day I thought I would make things a bit more traditional (with a twist of course) by making a buttonhole for Dad & bouquet for Mum all from fabric .

 So here goes ....Dads buttonhole
Hope you like it , off to make the bouquet now !!!!

Happy makings

 Bev xx

Monday, 19 August 2013

Grown up colouring fun

A big hello blog chums.

As I was so impressed with my new found love of these marker pens (see previous post) and all the fun I had designing the flower dress forms , I thought I would have a go at incorporating them into a full piece of artwork.

I gathered my supplies - marker pens , watercolour panel board and the dress form, now onto the theme of the artwork ......mmmm what to do.
I played it safe and stuck with my love of Alice in Wonderland , taking elements of that wonderful story to put into my artwork , the mad hatter, the white rabbit's watch , tea party, roses & Alice.

I sat in my craft room and began to draw , and this is the result of the afternoon's much enjoyed colouring effort

I had so much fun , I did another based on......can you guess????

 happy makings

Bev xx

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Busy , Busy Buzzlebee

Happy Sunday to all blog chums ,

As I write this post I have just realised how long its been since I've visited blogland !!!!

You'll all be happy to know that I haven't just been idle and wasting my days (free time is a precious thing for me) . After a friend of mine ask me to make up some artwork for the "Alice theme" , the itching in my fingers to paint again was almost to much to bear. Although when I say paint that isn't exactly true. I was bought some Promarkers(alcohol ink based marker pens) by a friend as a birthday present and having read that they seem to be almost the best thing since sliced bread I thought I'd better see what all the fuss was about.I just happened to be watching a TV show all about digi stamps and the topic was dressforms , and very lovely they were too.
So off I went to the craftroom , and sat down to draw , head - a -buzzing with ideas these are my creations (and please dont worry about copyright as I did ask permission from the original design company , they were happy to let me create at will ) , and I have to say I was mighty impressed with these new additions to my craft arsenal .

The ladybug

                                              Whispy Wisteria

Tiger Lily
 Rambling rose

And of course , whilst sitting drawing on a very hot day , what else but Christmas !!!

Anyways enough of my ramblings , I hope you like them and if you would like to leave a comment I would be over the moon

Happy makings Bev xx

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

So excited

Hi to all my blog chums

I have been a very naughty girl and neglected you of late , but thats all about to change. I have been busy over the last few months and I will post details of what I've been up to.
I had to share the news that I have just joined the design team for Craft Mojo. I am currently working on my first project for them .

happy making folks

Bev xx