Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Craft Mojo Christmas

Hello to my lovely blog chums,

we'll yet again I didn't keep up my blogging as promised due to all the hussle & bussle of family and work , but I did manage to complete my task for this months  Craft Mojo DT.

As you may have guessed the theme this month is CHRISTMAS, so with that in mind I began the cutting sticking and glueing .

This idea came to me almost immediately as this months theme was announced.

I've always hankered after those warm cosy farmhouse kitchens , smelling of spices , turkey and full of christmassy spirits and days of old with a big kitchen dresser filled with lovliness, of course the chances of me actually having one is just a dim & distant dream , but dream I can and although my version my not be the fully size it gave me a warm glow when I had finished it .

I made a few boxes from card stock 2 large & 2 smaller match box sized ones and attached a brad in each
 I then made an outer casing to house them in , and finally a larger box to sit on top of the first one with a couple of strips of card inside , now bear with me I know it sounds complicated but its not really .

I then made some really diddy boxes out of pattern paper and tied them up with spangly ribbon. I managed to find a tiny china tea set which I painted with my promarkers for added fun, a little bit of xmas bunting  and hey presto it was all done

it was really fun to do and I do hope you can join in with this months Challenge at Craft Mojo

Happy Makings
Bev xxx

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