Monday, 18 February 2013

A fascinating request

Hello blog friends ,

Now over the years in my crafting world I have had many requests from friends & family to make things here and there and I always try to oblige with the details that they give me and make them what they want.

So when I received a phone call from my sister asking for my help I was very intrigued ,especially as she is a John Lewis kinda girl if you know what I mean. She went on to tell to me that she had a forthcoming wedding to attend and that it was a formal affair and that she would like me to make her a fascinator to wear that would match her outfit. The spec was , "cream dont mind feathers , diamontes and netting, i'll leave it to you "
Sisters don't you just love them!!!

Oh my goodness this was a new one on me, I had never been asked to do that before and didn't really know where to begin. So off I went  to do some research , starting with good old Google , you tube and Ebay to get some ideas of how to put these things together .
 Now one of the things that my sister and I both have in common is that we do have very wild hair a cross between horse mane and barbed wire if its left unattended , so the FASCINATOR would have to be secure .

I set about constructing the said headpiece, I made a cream rose from some satin fabric , coloured some pearls and made a centre piece for the rose, dyed some feathers , folded some wide wired organza ribbon and glued it all on to some felt,  and here is the finished result just waiting to be attached to a headband .
 I hope she likes it after all this effort LOL 

Happy makings 
Bev xx


  1. Oh my gosh, it is perfect, what a fun project, I never get asked to make anything that fun....She will love it, I hope you can get a picture of her all dressed up!


  2. Oh pretty, pretty.. and so much more classy than my efforts at fascinators, although I must admit I do rather enjoy making them!

  3. OMG, sis I absolutely love it, I cannot believe how smashing it looks iIcan't wait to get dressed up for the wedding, I love your description as to the texture of our hair, its very apt.

    however even the biggest shire horse can a beautifully plated mane with ribbons and everything.

    picture to follow with me wearing it in my poshest frock.

    julesxxx ;0)xxxx