Sunday, 17 February 2013

The one that nearly got away !!!!!

Hello to all my blog friends .
I have had a few computer problems this week so I have not been able to post as often as I promised myself I would do. The good news was that it gave me a little more time to get on with my latest project , which was another crocheted teddy bear , I used the same pattern as I did before (the link for the pattern  is on my previous post )only this time I tweeked it a little and used a chenille type eyelash yarn instead .

This one came out a little bigger than the last one , but he is extra soft and cuddly and stands approx 18" tall. The downside is that my grandaughter was staying with me this weekend and although she thought he looked funny as he didn't have any arms or legs attached when she arrived , things soon changed when she woke up to find him complete as you can see !!!!

I then spent the day trying to convince her that Rufus Ruffles (that's what I named him ) should stay with me , not an easy task as you can imagine.

They enjoyed their day together chatting and being the best of friends .
happy makings 

Bev xx

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