Saturday, 2 February 2013

Famous at last !!! (well almost)

Hello to my lovely blog friends.
 I have to admit this has not been the best of weeks for me , too much work , not enough crafting and to top it off a very nice young lady decided to reverse her car into mine whilst I was waiting to park  :-(

That aside , a couple of weeks ago I sent a picture off to a crafting magazine showing off one of my origami boxes.

So when the postman delivered my usual copy for this month, I feverishly went to the readers letters page , and what do you know ....there was my little box featured on the page :-)

 At least I had something to make me smile and cheer me up.

Happy makings Bev xx


  1. Well done. I have never bought a craft mag and this might now tempt me. x

  2. Yea, congratulations of being published!! Not so great about the car....Just a lot of work for you!!


  3. Look at you, getting all famous! xx

  4. Hi,
    Congratulations on being in a craft magazine! & thanks for following my blog