Tuesday, 22 May 2012

A shaded rose

A while ago whilst browsing the net I found a picture of the most lovely lampshade. I was just decorating my bedroom at the time and it was just the sort of thing I was after , but alas out of my budget at £120.00......but wait  I can do that!!! So with a flea market lamp that I bought for £3.50 the transformation started. I sat down in my craft room armed with some satin fabric, lace and  my trusty ol' glue gun and began my rose frenzy. I made lots of raggy edged rose flowers. I attached these to the lampshade and edged it all with lace. I sprayed the base with gloss white enamel paint and there you have it the finished lampshade. All at a fraction of the cost of the real one and great fun to make

happy crafting folks xxPanPastel UK Challenge Blog

Monday, 21 May 2012

book what book??

I've been away for a while again , sorting and changing a few things about but now ready to craft again , so with that in mind and after enjoying making my altered books (which i haven't posted yet) , I got to thinking about what else I could do with them ,and why does a book just have to be a book??? In the back of my head I wanted to create a handbag , I'd seen a celeb with one and was won over . I spent a few nights thinking about how I wanted it to look , of course it had to be vintage but elegant too and above all else practical to use. I started with some beautiful fabric in my stash a few pearly buttons (thanks Mum) and some vintage lace along with some beaded handles I made and a fabric rose,and after many a hair-pulling moments the bag is complete ...........

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

mavismadeit: let's just relax

mavismadeit: let's just relax: I have been off work and on a few days holiday , so after a complete change around and moving my craft room into the small bedroom (the ...www.facebook.com/beveden666

let's just relax

I have been off work and on a few days holiday , so after a complete change around and moving my craft room into the small bedroom (the plan is less room , less mess - somehow I can't see this this happening)  I decided it was going to be a paper crafty affair, and after browsing a few tutorials on making paper flower etc , and taking my inspiration from so many wonderful images , the printing, sticking , ripping and creating began (the smaller new craft room becoming just as messy ) . I am pleased to say this is what I have been getting up to in the last few days

Thursday, 22 March 2012

what else can i do with them??????

Didn't quite know what to do tonight , but after making canvas roses for the last couple of evenings I decided it was time to put them to use, so after having a look around my stuff I decide to put a few bits together and this was created .

Monday, 19 March 2012

A Mother's Day Treat.....

 In the middle of my crazy mixed up creative world, I took a few minutes out to make this for my lovely Mum , as it was her special day

Thursday, 15 March 2012

A little bit of crafting does you good

Another day of work finished and now time to unwind and relax and MAKE STUFF !!!!

So as I promised I thought I would show you you what I have been doing ...........These are my little floral kissing hearts .

All the flowers are made by hand from artist canvas then I paint them and make them into the roses that you see .

I hope you like them, i'm off again to make some more .....pink and purple I think tonight

see you soon, with hopefully an update on The SHED makeover

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A new beginning....................

Well i'm back again after a long absence. 
Towards the end of last year I finally started to try and sell my makes, and I was quite surprised from the reaction and encouragement that I got ,although its quite hard work getting ready for the craft fairs and fetes ,but very rewarding when somebody actually parts with their hard earned cash in exchange for your goods

 After many years of making and creating I have finally decided that this is the way to go,a so I took some time out to  have a proper think about what to do next .........so here goes 

First on the list is to totally re-vamp my shed/studio into a practical crafting area (by the way that's how I got my nickname SHEDIO , my family thought it was funny to fuse the two words together !!!!!) I shall be posting piccies on how the re-vamp is coming along.

Secondly, I took the plunge and got myself a website , which i'm trying to work on , but as I am both new to blogging and web building its quite a feat .

Anyways I shall stop rambling on and boring you , i'm off to make a few bits and bobs that I have been creating and I will be back with updates and pics shortly

Happy crafting people