Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A new beginning....................

Well i'm back again after a long absence. 
Towards the end of last year I finally started to try and sell my makes, and I was quite surprised from the reaction and encouragement that I got ,although its quite hard work getting ready for the craft fairs and fetes ,but very rewarding when somebody actually parts with their hard earned cash in exchange for your goods

 After many years of making and creating I have finally decided that this is the way to go,a so I took some time out to  have a proper think about what to do next here goes 

First on the list is to totally re-vamp my shed/studio into a practical crafting area (by the way that's how I got my nickname SHEDIO , my family thought it was funny to fuse the two words together !!!!!) I shall be posting piccies on how the re-vamp is coming along.

Secondly, I took the plunge and got myself a website , which i'm trying to work on , but as I am both new to blogging and web building its quite a feat .

Anyways I shall stop rambling on and boring you , i'm off to make a few bits and bobs that I have been creating and I will be back with updates and pics shortly

Happy crafting people

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