Saturday, 9 February 2013

Room for one more

Hello lovely blog chums ,
hope you have all had a good week
Just when I thought the craft room had quite enough friends , look what I found hiding behind the cushion.

She poked her head out a little more, and...............
here she is , yet another crocheted toy , but I do love her.

I made her from a couple of 50grm balls of a pale pink eyelash yarn 
so she has aged kind of look ,tied an extra large bow to her and added a lace & button rosette. I have named her Edith , don't ask me why , it just sort of came to me as I was finishing her off today . So what's a shabbied up  granny to do, but to invite her to join the gang.

Happy makings 

Bev xx


  1. They all look so adorable - are they difficult to make? Perhaps a tutorial?

  2. Hi Ann,

    not difficult to make , but a bit tricky with the eyelash yarn as it tends to get stuck and hard to undo if you go wrong, but well worth the effort.

    I'll put up the link , this lady has some lovely patterns

    Bev xx