Monday, 19 August 2013

Grown up colouring fun

A big hello blog chums.

As I was so impressed with my new found love of these marker pens (see previous post) and all the fun I had designing the flower dress forms , I thought I would have a go at incorporating them into a full piece of artwork.

I gathered my supplies - marker pens , watercolour panel board and the dress form, now onto the theme of the artwork ......mmmm what to do.
I played it safe and stuck with my love of Alice in Wonderland , taking elements of that wonderful story to put into my artwork , the mad hatter, the white rabbit's watch , tea party, roses & Alice.

I sat in my craft room and began to draw , and this is the result of the afternoon's much enjoyed colouring effort

I had so much fun , I did another based on......can you guess????

 happy makings

Bev xx


  1. Awwww, so cute!!! Hanzel & Gretel! I just love it!! beautiful work! xo

  2. haha , well done Gabrielle and thabk you for the comment xx