Friday, 4 January 2013

Sweetly scented neighbours

Towards the end of the last summer I finally plucked up the courage to go and knock on the door of one of my neighbours whom I don't really know that well. It wasn't just a random visit , I did have a purpose, you see her front garden is lined on all sides by the loveliest lavender bushes (something I just cant seem to grow!!!), so armed with cap in hand , or should I say empty paper bag I finally asked her if I could cut some of the lavender heads for myself , she was only to obliging telling me that her son would just throw them into the recycling bin when it was time for them to be pruned back and that I could help myself whenever I wanted. I placed the cut lavender heads in my craft room to dry out, now and then knocking the bag when I was frantically looking for something which gave off the most beautiful scent. Well today I decided to use these beautiful flowers , so I sat down at my sewing machine , lap full of linen , a few printed images and scraps of ribbon & lace ..... and here we are
the sweetest smelling hearts to hang around the house ( I did pop one over to my neighbour as a thank you for letting me have the flowers ) Happy makings Bev xx

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  1. Happy New Year Bev...Wishing you and your family a wonderful 2013!
    Such pretty hearts and a lovely post...Thanks so much too for coming to visit me and your kind comments!
    Happy weekend,
    Susan x