Saturday, 19 January 2013

Box o'pansies

Hello lovely blog friends , how does the saying go " never count your chickens" just when I thought spring was around the corner , here we are covered in snow !!!! and it didn't stop all day .
Well being ever the optimist I wasn't about to let a bit of snow put me off my latest project, yes you've guessed it another origami box . A couple of weeks ago whilst out craft shopping I found the most beautiful purple coloured card stock , I had to have it  - this time I made a larger box than usual, I made some paper pansies (I have to cut them by hand as I don't own a die cutter), and here we are the finished project.I think this one is destined for my Mum for Mothers Day , I shall fill it with smellies, soaps and few treats for her. Happy Makings Bev xx
the box lid
the inside of the box.

a close up of the paper pansies, just cut from glitter card stock and tinted with some acrylic paint, and the leaves made from everyday copy paper


  1. You do make such beautiful things. Lucky Mother!

  2. Thank you so much Annabelle for your lovely comment xx