Monday, 4 March 2013

they just keep going

So little Edith went off to her new home , shortly followed by Rosalie and now Petal .

Just when I thought it was going to be fun ,fun fun off they go , so what was I to do , well there was only one thing for it ......... and that was to make a new friend to join me in the crafting room .

Out came the crochet hook and yarn and after a little while the daddy of all my teddies was created .

Say hello to Edgar all dressed up and ready to keep me company , complete with his pocket watch (made from an old necklace and a tiny frame bought from the local bead stall) just to let me know its time for tea , his deep velvety cravat (that was an old dress of mine) and a knitted waistcoat that I made up as I was going along,
Hope you like him 

Happy makings 

Bev xx

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